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Software comes in many different shapes and sizes with claims being made about how the next subscription is the SEO silver bullet.

We bring you the reality of the best seo software…

There is no ‘best’ solution as it depends on what you are doing. If you are looking for on page SEO then without a doubt the best software is Cora.

Why is Cora the best SEO Tool / SEO software ?

Based on the top 100 search results for your chosen keyword, Cora checks over 13k different elements and has the biggest and best data set to verify the most important SEO ranking factors and is regarded by many as the best seo software around.

Great software is often expensive especially in the SEO market, how much is the Cora search engine optimization tool?

For some SEO tools users the monthly cost could be out of their reach however, when you consider what you are getting for your money then Cora is not expensive at all and should fall well within budget. No other SEO tool out there will tell you exactly what to do to your pages to rank in Google.

If you have a remote Windows server then it is possible to install the search engine software and remote desktop into it but you don’t need to run it like this. A remote server is not necessary for Cora and POP is already SaaS.

Using a keyword tool will provide different results for different devices if you do the research correctly, a personal computer user will tend to type out the words compared to a table or mobile / smartphone user who is more likely to start typing and then select from one of the presented choices.

Both Cora and POP are a great choice for SEO tools, Cora goes into much more detail and is the number one search engine optimization tool. The depth in which Cora goes to is mind blowing and the results are the reasons why it is the best. POP is a cut down version and can give you quick and easy wins with regards to your on-page SEO. Both will give you decent results with POP being the easiest SEO tool to use out of each of them.

Both pieces of software have monthly payment options although POP gives an annual option too.

POP has a nice dashboard and user interface displaying all your projects and has a great management element allowing to assign editors for editing their own projects. During set up the software performs a Google Search to determine the top results and ranking factors.

If you want to evaluate the tools you can order individual reports for both pieces of software.

We are looking at all on-page software here, the top three we have chosen are all on page SEO tools. There are plenty of quality off page and content based tools which we will come onto in the future.

The improvement in some of the best SEO software over the past couple of years has been immense with desktop software and the cloud based platform service solutions. Digital marketing has never been so much fun. You can even set up as a white-label SEO or digital marketing operation.

Yes, all businesses wanting to optimise and improve their website content will benefit from the tools. Web content creation is actually one of the main features of these action packed tools.

Large organisations and in big industry the companies have websites, sometimes their web presence is weak and running a local crawler like Xenu or Screaming Frog can take a few minutes, there are also some mammoth sites out there which you definitely want to be looking deep into Google Search Console to see where your quick wins are.

All advertising and marketing efforts will benefit from keyword research or keyword audit, every marketing campaign needs a focal point and this is vital when doing online marketing. Some describe the market research as outbound marketing or inbound marketing as they profile users and try and create content for a backlink. One of the measurements of success could be in how many links have been acquired from the content or how much web traffic has come through the linking. For those who track their results and look at trends these SEO tools are definitely for you.

These tools are also great for competitor analysis and can help with finding the starting point for Pay Per Click campaigns especially a well written Google Ad.

Discovery of new search terms is a big thing with keyword research tools, finding keyword rich domain names for satellite sites is a hidden gem and provides countless opportunities for quick wins.

We couldn’t have a best SEO software website without mentioning SEMRush, so there you go.

There are some minimum requirements with desktop based SEO software like Cora, POP is online so there is no need to worry. The plugin software like ‘All-in-one’ SEO is loaded into your website so there is no need for a high performing machine there either.

Yes absolutely it will. Comparison websites will also benefit whether comparing products or services. You are looking for an advantage over your competitor and these keyword tools will provide you with the answers.

If you are selling the same product at the same price as a competitor and this product is an off the shelf with no customer service then you need every advantage you can find to try and rank above them.

If your client has sold more with your methods and optimizing then you are in great shape. Ranking isn’t worth anything on its own unless you have the sales growth and leads to go with the SERP improvements.

I would expect a client to want me to use SEO software to gain an advantage for them. Customers or clients will not want you to be guessing at their SEO and marketing, they want results. If you can gain an edge and get amazing organic results then you are on a winner. Remember to set up your Google Analytics or similar analytics package to monitor conversions and check on how well your improvements are doing.

Website design and web development should be designed with users and optimizing in mind, much of this data comes from tools and connected 3rd party API.

You need some form of measurement to demonstrate how much you are improving a clients traffic. The word ‘improvement’ relates to various elements depending upon the website, if it is an ecommerce site then maybe sales amounts and values are the key performance indicators.

Even with websites which have been finely tuned and highly optimized there is still a need to plan content to meet the needs of your target audience. Big brands and trademark businesses still need a lot of help with their online marketing especially how they communicate on social media and in their blog.

Visibility for big brands needs to be managed especially for leading brands and you should make sure they don’t fall foul of the latest fad or trend without looking after their foundation.

If you can research using data as opposed to surmising you can make more informed decisions and this works great when the client can feel more comfortable about the decision-making process especially when looking to do some content distribution.

Best Search Engine Optimization Software Tools

In the past we have seen some great tools but the issue for us here at ‘best seo software’ has been finding them and putting the tools to good use. In our time we have also witnessed programs and plugins which have made false claims and can be damaging to your website.

SEO Software

It is easy to assume that all SEO tools are the same in that they don’t actually tell you anything about the Google algorithm since none of them are endorsed by Google however, we know Google is a mathematical algorithm and since it is based on maths if you had a way of checking all the elements of a web page both on and off site then you could make some extremely good guesses as to what is going on with the rankings. This is what makes Cora SEO Software completely different from the rest.

Great Software is complicated and technical isn’t it?

No, best seo software doesn’t have to be complicated. Cora can seem pretty daunting but with the hour training / technical support call with the SEO software tools creator Ted Kubaitis, you are taken through the process and shown the road map which will guide you every step of the way. There is an excellent tutorial too. Your skills as an SEO can be tested as you go deeper into the reporting especially when you are looking at structured data. Some of the best seo software tools around are actually very simple to use for experienced search engine optimizers.

What is Cora Lite?

Cora Lite is a cut down version of Cora and can be used for ranking lower competition search terms.