Cora SEO Software

Cora SEO Software

Analyzing over 540 individual factors from the top 100 web results in your niche this software is Google Algorithm proof. In fact, it actually tells you what has changed when Google does an algorithm update using the 'Cora Diff' feature. It is a technical piece of software, very easy to set up and run but you need to know SEO to be able to put the findings into action. Listed in Search Engine Journal and other major top SEO publications this software is the real deal. Ted Kubaitis is a math wizard and an excellent software developer.

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"I have been online marketing since 1998 and have seen many pieces of software making SEO claims about being the top SEO software etc. If you want to know how to rank your website at the top of Google you need Cora."

Derek Booth

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Page Optimizer Pro

POP SEO Software

Based on data from Cora Kyle Roof has produced the best SEO software for novice and mid range users to tell you exactly what you need to do for ranking on Google. POP is online and works on a monthly subscription model. Think of it as an online but simplified version of Cora. Ideal for performing on page SEO work with amazing results. Kyle ranked in the Rhinoplasty experiment using this methodology. POP is top SEO software and if you use it for things like SEO Manchester you can get some great results in the SERPS.

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"If you want to quickly check out the SEO of your pages and no instantly what to change or to optimize for ranking you can just run the POP software and there you go, instant results."

Steve Wakefield

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